Soot eyes "Masquerade curling"

In the thriving area of ​​curling has been entertaining thing to be "fancy dress curling"。

Thing that to participate in fancy dress to normal open tournament。

Even in Shinshu Grand Prix was held in Nagano in May this year、

1I saw a person who has been participating in the name only fancy dress。

Whole body is red tights of red Oni。

It's not that unusual in Mecca。

Sight that can not be seen easily in other competitions。

Halloween and Christmas softening、Climax is likely to。


The image below was received from on-ice off-ice-like。

It is the state of Karuizawa mix curling open in Nagano Prefecture。

(Excerpt from the blog below)

"I participated in Gunma Prefecture, in the center of the team in Nagano Prefecture、Saitama、

Tokyo、Kanagawa, Japan、Such as Chiba Prefecture 6 prefectures 22 team。

There competed in fancy dress at the men and women mixed team、Team plate


It is a fun tournament to become a target。


It is competing in making the team in four of their friends。



This forces unbalanced team。


It is different to the people who enjoy the fan curling。」


(One Piece)

Fancy dress Mario 1005

(Super Mario Princess Peach Luigi)


(Ishikawa Ryo-kun)


(Curling robot)