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2016 February 27-28、In Curling Hall Miyota "15th southward Skins match curling tournament"I was held。Also participated in two from Niigata。It seems've enjoyed plenty of。

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I took part in the 15th southward Skins match curling tournament。
This timeShip-meloⅢIn we were allowed to participate。

In Redskins match of offense curling rules、I was able to experience a thrilling game deployment of nail-biting。Also、Team other than the Suwa region from this time also seemed to be able to participate、I was able to interact with everyone around the country curler。

Result is優勝Bounty King

First victory in curling! I am very happy。

Thank you everyone who teamed together。

Also、Everyone of tournament officials、It became very indebted to everyone that had you play against。Thank you for a good time。2016022923050120160229230446


Skins match and is

I tried a little studied、Skins match game and is、Originally By game competing for prize money、The rule itself is also different from normal curling。Who plays more than one point、KoOsamu is by scoring two or more points、You can win the set point to the end。Points that are set for each end、Maybe like this。(Maybe!)

エンド 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Count
point 2 2 3 3 4 6 8 13 41

In other words、It is why compete for all 41 points。1Also continue to be taken a point from the end eyes、With gambling elements of the last two end even win if possible victory in the 21-to-20、Maybe the rules of the game teacher-friendly in a sense。

By the way KoOsamu end and blank end took one point point is carried over、Team took the next end have is get the point of the second end worth。


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