Curling Get Started


The practice sessions of Niigata Prefecture Curling Association organizers have been participation is better than always 20 people。Heisei Niigata City Asahi Alex Ice Arena in 26 years in most cases those who started from the start of business、We also continued to increase current。Please feel free to join us in your alone。

Recruitment target elementary school third grade - adult curling inexperienced person

Participation fees for one hour 500 yen

服装    防寒着・動きやすいズボン(ジーンズはNG)・手袋・スニーカー(靴底のきれいなもの)

Open every week day reminders soil Yao Day 20:00~

※ is Join Date please contact us in advance。You may not attach to hope by the number of participants and convenience。


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