I joined the Yamabiko cup。● There postscript


先週の軽井沢ミックスオープンに続き、This week, June 20(Soil)From the 21st(Day)I participated in was held in Okaya to the "18th Yamabiko Cup Curling Championships"。 2 Team nine of Stones club and the team Niigata entry from Niigata。ストーンズクラブは3勝0敗で見事優勝!そしてチーム新潟も2勝1敗で第3位入賞!頑張りました!


第1試合 ストーンズクラブ 12×4 チーム白百合 ・・・・・〇

第2試合 ストーンズクラブ 15×4 DKC ・・・・・〇

第3試合 ストーンズクラブ 9×6 meli-melo ・・・・・〇


第1試合 チーム新潟 13×6 MK3 ・・・・・〇

第2試合 チーム新潟 7×10 チームフジヤマ ・・・・・●

第3試合 チーム新潟 13×3 チーム白百合 ・・・・・〇

新潟の仲間が県外大会で好成績を収めることは大きな励みとなります。Everyone who participated in the tournament tells the fellow that experience、Other you'll have to learn something from it。Everyone of tournament officials、Thank you for all the help you have given me。Thank you very much。



 以下、Is a report from the tournament participants。

Participation from the four teams is the Kansai area of ​​the participating 18 teams。Fukuoka、Yamaguchi、Hiroshima、Okayama、Osaka、Kyoto、I feel the enthusiasm to be applied to the people of curling to be played despite the far from Shiga。 Tournament the first day after the end of the reception(In social gathering)、We were able to deepen the people and the exchange of information and exchange of other teams。I look forward to seeing you in the future of the tournament。 Crowned by seeing the work the first time in the tournament management with the cooperation of the officer's and the local team in the competition、The importance and the great of the sheet-making (on ice maintenance) I felt again。Not only the competition for those who newly participate in the tournament、I think we became a good opportunity to also understand the Event Management。 This time, Niigata members is six out of nine is Okaya venue's first experience。Low ice temperature、Condition, such as frost on the ice surface has less experience、It seems to have struggled to weight control。But the good results was leave the、Solely and thanks to the Niigata of the environment in which practice time can be taken、It will be due to a veteran of the helm of efforts to skip。 Also participate higher level of team only to open tournament。Team that was able to play against this team Fujiyama is、It may say that was blessed with the opportunity to see up close the work of the All-Japan high-level。For the accuracy of they of play、I felt the importance of practice。Niigata members of the now will no doubt be for the practice time has been over a lot until now than other prefectures team。 Such as the pitching form of individual、I think that finished in almost the same level。For weight control、There are times when you still feel the gap with other teams。Response to changing conditions of the sheet、Particularly low ice temperature as Okaya、Since the air conditioner come down frost in an environment that does not work the dehumidification in the old-fashioned、You may also receive the conditions change in the end the middle of a 5-minute break。 Effort of experience and personal for the strategic things you say things。Even as another does not appear out of the tournament、I think I felt the importance of the practice on to enjoy long end of the curling。 Also tournament management has been carried out with the cooperation of the local curling officials。Although at the moment it has been scheduled Kashiwazaki open tournament、If you think that the new tournament will be held in the future in Niigata、Of other prefectures of tournament operations would become model。Itself but has been involved in open Kashiwazaki、Tournament management of other prefectures will be helpful。This time Niigata participants、There is a poor ability in sheet-making but had been cooperation in the broom cliff and can range。Because the people of Okaya have to ask for your cooperation in open Kashiwazaki、I wanted to go to increase the range that can be cooperation little by little in the future。 Games of reception、Also seems to go and enjoy as the AC of the place for the first time those who also always those who。But also it is beneficial as a forum for information exchange、Where the team for each to hear the story seems to be struggling to secure practice time。Because again、I think it important to continue to actively practice sessions to take advantage of Niigata rich environment。 Not limited to this tournament、Thank you to the squeeze of the time and effort of those who go out on the expedition Okaya or to Karuizawa。Also、I am grateful to be safely be come to participate without any accident。We hope as we will be contributing to that your experience is going to boost the curling of Niigata。