Ice sports day was held。

February 10, 2019、Various events were held at Kashiwazaki Aqua Park entitled "Ice Sports Day"。Of course, free curling experience。At the birthplace of Niigata curling、Many people enjoyed curling。


At the venue, 2 sheets are prepared by dividing the center of the main link with a cone。A lot of people enjoy skating around。


This venue is different from Niigata city、Insufficient equipment for making seats。Like many link sheets outside the prefecture、It is a seat that only pebble is put on the skating rink。after that、Run the stone、Improve slippage。Until link to Niigata city、I've been curling in Kashiwazaki for many years。I have now thanks to that。


Some stones are classic。The handle is also short、Various colors。I feel the history of curling。


hack。If you look closely at the rubber part、It is slightly rounded。It seems that the direction of kicking out will improve。


Something like this old feeling。


About the brush、There was also a brush that looked like an Alpine ski stock at first glance。It seems that a mini museum can be made。


The experience is、From where you put the slider on as usual。


One of the most enjoyable scenes。I can't stop feeling the slippery feeling。


And、A scene that makes curling surprisingly difficult and difficult。


The members of the association also show examples。Teaching is not easy、I enjoyed it with the people who participated。


Students say they were looking forward to the experience meeting on this day。I'm glad you enjoyed it。


In just 30 minutes I was able to do this。Odoroki。


1The experience session of time ends in no time。Remove the hack and clean up。


As soon as you put away the tools and remove the cone。


It was just an hour experience session,、It was a nice day for many people to experience curling.。I'm really thankful to you。In Niigata City, you can experience it by practicing every Saturday.、Please contact us if you are interested。

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