Open tournament Announcement (■ 8/10 There postscript)

Over on September 21 in Silver Week (Monday) from 23 days (water)、"The 23rd All-Shinshu curling open" will be held in Karuizawa Ice Park。Since it is an open tournament、Anyone Can Join。Current members of Niigata City has 7 people participated expressed。Please contact Kuribayashi participants who wish to。You can even individuals in the team。Tournament Registration starts August 7 days that it has been (first-come, first-served basis) and the announcement、Contact us as soon as possible。Tournament details are posted on the facebook's Nagano Prefecture Curling Association。

Also、9Over the month 26 (Saturday) from 27 (Sunday)、"The 9th Karuizawa Mixed Doubles Open curling tournament" will be held at the same Karuizawa Ice Park。This is also because it is an open tournament、Please contact the participants who wish to。

Curling in Niigata City also became the second year。Outside the prefecture also to the tournament we always will continue to participate in multiple teams!

Nagano Curling Association sponsored main tournament


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August 10 postscript

All Shinshu curling open4 teams of "Nature", "ICE CUBE Niigata", "Asahi Alex Niigata", "Niigata KITS" is entry、All the teams played was decided。Is probably the first time to participate by the number of team is this from Niigata。Which team will also expect a good fight。

on the other hand、Karuizawa Mixed Doubles Open curling tournamentbut、This will also be the application start from August 16,。The competitionSame-sex pair also participated OKBecause it is that of the、Here also for your application, please by all means。→Assembly To Gang