Club Championship Participation Report

Cherry tree was in full bloom in Niigata April 15-16 days、Nagano Prefecture Asama Highland Sports Club, sponsored, which was held in the "2016-2017 Club Championship"、last yearContinue 4Tune from Niigata to(Fortune)But I was allowed to participate。In Nagano, but it is 4Tune that seems to have been referred to as the "Yonchun"、The first was the expedition to have was this tournament last year launched a team。Now also with the previous same very meaningful journey this time。。


Mount Asama


Venue of course、4Tune of love is the "Curling Hall Miyota"。That of the close of business also have a tournament this year。Big is the competition by 16 teams worthy of the season last。

Toilet is also very convenient because it is in the immediate vicinity of the seat。


It is also usual members this time。

Lead ··· SKM
Second ··· TKY

1Day first qualifying league。Battle of the junior team of Miyota。Also skip is abdominal pain during the match、Victory with the help of lucky shots and the other three people。

2Match first is local businesses team。Also skip to injured abdominal muscle during the match、Victory with the help of lucky shots and the other three people。

This day has been carried out evacuation drills。Of course 4Tune participation。In setting that fire occurs in the building、Everyone will evacuate。まずは車いすの方→子供→女性→その他の順番で避難します。

And also we need more of the fire station、Was please to talk about, such as notes at the time of evacuation。

A description of how to use the fire extinguisher。Try to actually fire fighting in fire extinguisher for practice。

The actual fire extinguisher I get foam、This has become a mechanism that water comes out。We were able valuable experience at an unexpected。

"Boy Scouts Kids" of the qualifying league final round elementary school team。Junior said that elementary school students Miyota。Shot of accuracy is outstanding。4Tune inferior far in the draw warfare、Sukasazu victory in childish fight how to switch to take subject。

He finished the qualifying league of first day、4Tune of repeated Kachiboshi the street lucky shot barrage of its name、What knockout stages at the 1-position of the three races three wins。Qualifying league undefeated is the first time in team history。


Like the night of the first day and last year reception in "Teahouse of the Tengu"。We were allowed to stay in here this year。


Everyone has always taken care of。

There was also such a sideshow。Everyone is hobbies。

Junior high school students is the village under Kozo of singing "First Love"。Fallen asleep。


The second day of Asama

On the second day there is also the fact that the game is in the afternoon、4Tune the detour before going to the venue。

We arrived to here、"Dong mosque."。There is a fine temple。

The purpose is this。People in the know、Curling Jizo。I got to ride on top of the stone。Because I forgot to raise offertory、I wonder if there is no divine favor。

Such Jizo is next to be。Table Tennis?

There are other。We supported each other Jizo。

Study、Well I wonder if it was found Jizo。

There are still。

Then headed to the familiar ice Park。Everyone of familiar faces from other prefectures had come to practice。4Tune has gotten a beginner tournament of the DSC Prize who participated last year、Is the practice of using the "1 hour free use ticket"。But it was a good practice、The result ... that this tired-catching after。

A lot of flowers to celebrate the Olympic Games。


Final tournament semi-finals、Group D # 1 of 4Tune is、NS's and the Group C first place。Although greeted the final end with two points lead、Collected stones at house while Motamota to break the center guard that put the opponent、Reversed lost to not completely judge eventually。4Tune to a lucky shot a weapon、It did not last truly 2 days。


3-place playoff, which failed to take a picture of the score board and the union team MONK's multiple Prefecture。4Tune who lost a lucky shot is also fatigue of Lien Chan and Asaren、No longer tattered。Always last as is gudaguda。9-3In defeat。


The results、Fourth place not win even one in the final tournament。Since last year was the fifth place、1Yoshi since one over year ranking has risen! I decided that。

SA of Yoneyama that I stopped in the middle of the back、What people of return of Hanami、The car was full。Though always a rattle。Specialty Sabasando was also sold out。


Also became the tournament participants who gave the task of the more enjoyable time and the mountain this time。Everyone of the tournament operators、Everyone of the participants、The tournament also becomes very indebted、Thank you very much。