Super League war report

2016 December 17,(Soil)、To have been held at the Curling Hall Miyota of Nagano Prefecture "Super League 85"、Shumoku club has participated from Niigata。This is Tokyo Curling Club(TCC)In the league to be held in like organized、It has been regularly carried out to spring from fall。I join the team of mainly TCC member but、This time we were allowed to participate from Niigata in kindness。

On the day of the schedule of the game start from 9 am。If you also take into account, such as up and breakfast time、Niigata departure will be around four o'clock with a margin。17Day because of clogged schedule、It was chosen the day before entering to avoid the early morning wake-up。Starting on the 16th night。In just the time the snow began to estimates in Niigata、Here and there and I car accident and go up to the highway。I want is slipping than I thought。Always be No. go skip 4Tune、On this day only it will continue to run in a cautious wait so as not to shift the line。


Nagano below freezing this day。Such is the cold stinging and goes out of step。Indeed summer resort。Not reckoned。


Also spread the line-of-sight view to where the air clear as usual the next morning。Asama also had become completely white。pc170566

Then came "Curling Hall Miyota"。Welcome as usual buildings homely atmosphere。If Karuizawa Ice Park hotels、Or here it would feel like inn。It may surpass the Ice Park in the ease of play?pc170578

This day we were allowed to TCC member of the team and two games。8End Thinking time system。This league will be held over a long period of time、1And determines the order in the point system through the year。Niigata The scale is different。


And Nainche's servants Ladies team、Freshers of just started curling!I was allowed to play against Mr.。Although we were able to win luckily both game、Can not at all correspond to the ice is an object of the team、It has become slapstick and the match。Other than the home link ice、Lack of response capabilities was a half-assed to the ice of the situation of the day。



This game is also available that the allotted time system、We also in the absence of the game piece I was going to charge the timer engagement。It is of course the first time to charge、It is the first time also to touch on the device。You nervous than game。Although there is what I learned in leadership training sessions、You will learn from scratch from the way of the original Posted to the operating method of the hand of the manual。Again slapstick Niigata of 4 people。We indifferently operation while chatting is everyone who was familiar with a sheet of both sides。Although there was a little mistake、We also've gone somehow join forces。Now a very good study, thanks。





Your TCC member and tournament is finished is the practice in free。Environment that can so feel free to practice is a great。



Also it became a learned a lot expedition this time。To everyone of Tokyo Curling Club、Servants of non-members kindly greeted we have under .. very grateful。Also I will this time to also experience such as timing work、It was a good experience。I think certainly that the future useful。Thank you very much。


◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ 

This day in Karuizawa Ice Park "Karuizawa International Curling Championship"I had been held。After finishing his dinner、Will head to watch is another object of this expedition。



A team of world-class have participated a lot。Men and women of the quarter-finals of us came to see。pc170590




Also participated top teams of Japan。pc170595

That it also works in the model、Examples also participate beauty corps team of。pc170599



The competition has been held annually in Karuizawa、It is possible to see the play from an angle that not reflected on TV、Beauty and accuracy of form、And strength you can feel the raw。I think I'm free yet。

Byun is Chan Olympics after one year a little。It is men and women want to be active in the Japan representative。

Hang in there、Japan!