I joined the mix open tournament。


6January 13(Soil)From the 14th(Day)I have participated in the "16th Karuizawa mix open curling tournament", which was held in Karuizawa Ice Park。

Participation of 13 teams from all over。4 people as "ICE CUBE Niigata" from Niigata (men 3 people、Women's 1 persons) war。A total of five games in two days、I have been working hard。



第1試合 ICE CUBE新潟 4-4 チームデフ青森(Aomori) ・・・・・SDにより〇

第2試合 ICE CUBE新潟 0-5 ねこしらす(Kanagawa) ・・・・・●

第3試合 ICE CUBE新潟 3-11  ATSUTO(Nagano) ・・・・・●



第1試合 ICE CUBE新潟 5-4 迷える仔羊よ(Gunma) ・・・・・〇

第2試合 ICE CUBE新潟 7-4  ease(Saitama) ・・・・・〇


日本代表クラスのメンバーを擁するチームとの対戦では国内トップの技術を体感しながらも、In fun tournament a very peaceful that the team of about half to play curling in fancy dress、Rock, paper, scissors tournament at the reception party Besides game、In draw games, etc. Lots by all participants、It was two days of enhancement could valuable experience。

Everyone of tournament officials、Thank you to participate in this kind of tournament。Also it becomes very indebted to the members of the participating teams、Thank you very much。I would like to come again next time to participate。

Tournament details can be found in up to facebook's Nagano Prefecture Curling Association。