We held the mixed doubles experience meeting。

Mixed Doubles that Pyeongchang was also selected to the Olympic official event。In order to get experience you in the fun、Was held experience events。

20150719230239201507192301292015071923023120150719230201Mixed Doubles men and women done in pairs of each one person as can be seen from the name。1You throw one team 5-throw to the end、4Human system and the difference between large、It is that you placed a stone from the first sheet。mix-d-imageStone of bat first team in the position of the guard (A)、Place the stone of post-attack team behind the tee line (B)、1 throws projecting eyes from this state。Easy inevitably stone gathered in the center of the house、It is a complex deployment、Take the game will be less。

Since Konasu all in just two people、Many also work alone will bear、It is very busy。One skip、The other alone will immediately sweeper after the delivery。Since there is no time to mount the gripper、It must be a sweeping left of the slider。

Some of the people who have experience、Many impressions of "fun to various things."、If you particularly are usually plays the lead and second、I think we was fun to be able to experience such as a line call。1To end up in the end 10-throw、A short period of time it might be attractive to proceed tempo well。

9Since the moon is also open tournament in Nagano、Why not by all means try to challenge。