I took part in the Mixed Doubles tournament。


July 4(Soil)To 5 days(Day)"Kanto Chubu Mixed Doubles Curling Championship 2015" will be held at the Karuizawa Ice Park、Also from Niigata Prefecture "ICECUBE Niigata" 2 people participated。

Tournament was held in the form of divided participation all 16 pairs into four groups of each region, "group tournament."。Each pair will play against a pair of other groups、Fight the group won a total of points for each group。"ICE CUBE Niigata" is belong to a group called "team Nagano and Niigata"。I boldly confront ability who。


First game ICE CUBE Niigata × Nishi Hash (team Tokyo A) 6-8 ··· ●

The second game ICE CUBE Niigata × Tokyo Nakamori Okubo (Tokyo team B) 6-9 ··· ●

Third game ICE CUBE Niigata × Yamauchi Kanagawa (team Kanagawa and Chiba) 4-6 ··· ●

Fourth game ICE CUBE Niigata × Tokyo Lepus (team Tokyo A) 9-8 ··· ○ victory!


The results、We pulled off a splendid one win while first participation! Congratulations over over! ! (Tournament results For more information, please visit the Nagano Curling Association's facebook。)


the following、Report summary from participants———————————————————————–

Many people that have been played in Japan Championship in Mixed Doubles Among the participants、It was just quite a formidable enemy。(>_<)ヽ
It becomes a lot there study is what you get even a negative match! !
Also in order to connect to the future、It will take home in Niigata that the various learned ♪

Final trial close、Won! !
In total defeat、It was good to win because it does not go back to Niigata! !

Nothing but a tournament that participated not know、I think that it was good to go can learn a lot。
Also, I would like to challenge if the opportunity arises ♪
Everyone of tournament officials、Everyone who have played against、Thank you very much。