League team introduction



■ Fukushima Prefecture Association20160313_071503(0)

Although belonging to the Tohoku district and central district is unable to meet quite a different order official game、There is also in the Fukushima Prefecture, the association's has always taken care of that immediately next door。What this time was sure to compete in a small league was doing just relatives!

[Team Comment]
福島県協会は、The current fiscal year of the league from the Association Member of 15 people
Please to the current fiscal year is not the introduction of team ZENOAQ in the。

ZENOAQ I was going to the 5 degrees Niigata expedition in 2015。
inside that、Lunch also ate in the Fuku-chan。
The evaluation meeting of practice at Gigi & Baba、
There was also that toward the curve Which one winery in the early morning。
Stay in public paradise of Tsubame、Opposite to Awashima on its feet
(Results one animal in 4 people。。。)
ポピーとよさかも、Pegasus 24H was also fun。
It becomes more and more like Niigata。
I want to live in Niigata。
Recommended Niigata spot of everyone at the time of the game、shop、
Employment、Please introduce!

We somehow me enjoy the Niigata than locals。What jobs(Lol)


■ team KashiwazakiIMGA2806

[Team Comment]
相手チームからは、Easy to understand the status of the team(Lol)
I'm home、Streak street Baozou in!


Team of veteran principal of Niigata Prefecture。The absolute champion in consecutive from the second phase of the first participation。

Ice Arena was built in 2014 in Niigata、Prefecture Association members to work here counts the current approximately 30 people。Prior to beginning the curling in the prefecture、Is they had been brought up。If they have、There is no current Niigata Prefecture Association。


■ AMG4920160313_071410 某企業チームにも負けないビッグネーム企業のチーム
The team name was changed to "49" to "48"。

[Team Comment]
AMGは網川原の略で、Niigata is located in Chuo-ku, Amigawara company
The entire team、The carrier is still shallow、Or take the team
It is motto that enjoy the game。
Nice to meet you everyone。



■ team NIKO2image031901 こちらも新潟県を支えてきたレジェンドを軸としたチームです

[Team Comment]

Increases the Ninomiya and newcomer of fresh two people added power to the center Koike、

チームの合い言葉は、Let's up the ability while always fun with a smile
と言うチームNIKO2It is。

チームNIKO2~ The is a rookie welcome welcome。

■ Kent curling Science20160313_071706Kent University of broadcasting's sponsored by the Corporation Ken to deploy a variety of events based in Niigata City。
Professor of one "curling Studies" of the class in the&Team of students。

[Team Comment]

If you are interested, please contact us。

Nice to meet you。


■ Frozen Fighters20160313_072400

[Team Comment]
bossとJKとおじさんの、Crime attrition attrition team。
But、Teamwork has surpassed even the Japanese national team(Appear)。
Although the draw shot and basic、Take also reasonably be(Like)。
Ability of skip a changeover missed shot immediately to Plan B is worth a look。
The maximum of the strong points、Actually、Excellent front-end。


■ Chung Ju yue wood section20160313_085151

[Team Comment]
カーリング☆バカ!略して 『カー☆バカ4人組』
子育ても終わり、Father two people pouring the affection in curling!
And Kodakusan couple burning in curling while raising children!
Everyone outside the prefecture、Please feel free to call out 🎵
※鐘木(Event)It is、Home arena is the location of the place name。


■ New lagoon20160313_072426

[Team Comment]



■ team Yoshida


[Team Comment]
チーム名の由来は、Skip is because it's Yoshida -。
Although women center team、 I met with sore eyes and look sweet。