Now taken care of this year。

Also it becomes indebted to many people in various places this year、Thank you very much。Safely it is coming to an end, 2019。The big news was jumped in the place where I thought。

12In elementary school curling championships held in Tokyo on the 29th month、Niigata team won。It is Japan! Amazing! This tournament was also participated last year、2This feat in the times eyes。Niigata's first national win was the elementary school team。adults、It was scooped ahead。Everyone's Junior、Congrats! now、Tell me curling。

And year-end drinking party curling tournament in 30 days。I have participated in many people from outside the prefecture this year、Thank you very much。Detail isfacebookAlso posted in。

There was also the annual gift exchange。

The activities of the 2019 Niigata Prefecture Curling Association in which also was the end。Everyone、A good burnished!