Experience person、Trainee recruitment in!


It's home Pyeongchang Olympic midst。2Decoration in men and women representative both win the qualifying league first game in month 14, 2009、A good start! The curling of the attention on the rise、Do not do together in Niigata。

In Niigata Prefecture Curling Association、1Volunteer to experience person through the year。In the current Niigata Prefecture we are about 50 people enjoyed the curling。Men and women of all ages、Curling can be anyone。Please try once by all means experience。


※ just now、In practice the Board hiatus of about 1 month。The next practice will be from February 24。


  ● 協会による体験会のご案内

  ● アリーナ主催カーリングスクール

  ● What is curling?

  ● NHKピョンチャンオリンピック特設サイト

2015年4月に新潟で講師をしてくれたケイトリン・ローズ選手。He won the gold medal in the Pyeongchang Olympic mixed doubles。congratulations!

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