Shinshu Open Participation Report

2016 September 17 - "The 24th All Shinshu curling open" in Karuizawa Ice Park and 19th days was held。Congress compete over the 37 team total of 3 days、Big thing among the open tournament。How to be carried out using the full 6 sheet of ice Park is spectacular。Annual participation from Niigata(?)Next、Although lower than the last year of the four teams、Also this year three teams we were allowed to participate。




Join the following members from this time Niigata。


Although not reflected in the photograph、Legend 1 people Kashiwazaki was also who participated on the first day。I'm sorry not take photos。(>_<)


New Lagoon
int:IMI:WHO(V):IZM(S)(first day)· KHR(S)(2Day eyes ~)


Since open tournament is often team name and membership changes、Whether the opponent of What kind of team is there that many do not know to go to the venue。But it is also one of the fun。Such as the members of the team that I am allowed to famous team and get along、I was allowed to play with a variety of teams this time。

Here's some KOs Niigata team。

Preselected first test together vs Jasmine 3-7 ●
Second qualifying match vs Shinshu chair Curling Club 5-6 ●
Qualifying third game vs G line Wick 3-6 ●
Preselected fourth try closing vs gladio 3-6 ●

New Lagoon
First qualifying match vs Takako Myers 8-6 ○
Preselected second test combination vs Melty 2-6 ●
Preselected third test combination vs FREEZA 1-9 ●
Qualifying fourth match vs Karuizawa CC 4-9 ●

First qualifying match vs Revive! Bullpen 9-4 ○
Second qualifying match vs wait Japan 3-10 ●
Preselected third test combination vs Rhodonaite 1-8 ●
Qualifying fourth match vs Volvox 13-1 ○
Qualifying fifth game vs stubble 9-3 ○

Other results are as follows。(Up to qualifying league)Click to enlarge ※





There is also a fun off-ice that "part of the night" in the tournament。The second day of the night、While outside it had been moyamoya in fog、Annual reception in the Ice Park。People of operated as usual to prepare the delicious food and fun planning under ..、We were really to spend fun。Also active members of the Niigata、I had a gotten a lot of things。

And in the after-party at the inn to come to you and play of a certain famous team under ..、I was allowed to listen a lot to talk to become a study from the fun story。Many shallow content really become valuable reference for us of curling history、I wanted to record if possible。Also let's flea together。












Also will help people remember you in the face of the country little by little members of Niigata、Or gotten advice、And or received a word of praise、Thank you will always care。we、Beyond the boundaries of the association you may notice that many also feel that you are asked to grow in your local。Next time I want to see you become a curler that has grown even a little。Also、We have various ways may be to everyone of the tournament management officials、Thank you very much。Also looking forward to next year。