I joined the Shinshu Grand Prix。

2016 May 14(Soil)To 15(Day)5th Shinshu curling Grand Prix, which was held in Karuizawa Ice Park、Stones club of Yamabiko Cup winner from Niigata Prefecture competed。the following、It is reported by the participants。

Shinshu is curling Grand Prix first day of the report, which was held in Karuizawa Ice Park。



Hokkaido in the north、South exciting game was waged by the open tournament champion 16 team that was gathered from Okayama。
1Japan eyes performs random in three games qualifying、Victory is three points, a draw and the with ranking in points 1、The top eight teams in A tournament-order and low-order 8 team is a regulation that turns to B tournament。

Participation from Niigata Storr's Club。3We've got a digest of the game。

First game:Wait Japan(Okayama)

Their first match of the Japan championship regulars team。Preceded by LSD losing(By the way LSD total defeat)。
The first end、The second end and four of the continuous flow by the well 1-point Steel。Well to lead invites take shots mistake of the opponent。
Not put a guard sweep late in the third also last shot deployment end also one point Steel can、Lose one point is hit Stay the No1。
Not Uwamaware the number one fourth end opponent lead has been frozen until the end、It is steel。
The final end was greeted with a tie、While after favorable attack by Comer is the opposing team to the House, which is encased in each other's guard is one point Steel、Banjikyusu。
But it was a good flow as out the word it was a game lost from opponent、Narrowly reverse losing。Head-to-head with the powerhouse team will be confident。
Wait Japan

The second game:Aomori Prefectural Government CC

Battle of the legendary monthly curling issued team of。
He won the post-attack to take the first end point。Subtle miss is steel one point started noticeable or from the second end fatigue。Since then not Tachikire a bad flow、Also、It is a continuous steel by the third and fourth end and three points in nice shot giants Aomori Prefectural Government CC。
The final end、Also defeat take one point in the obstinacy。

Third match:Team Kaimori(Hokkaido)

JCA chairman mystery of the team of (laughs)。Although the day before Sochi Olympic curling women's representative T's participation was able to confirm、Also confirmed the participation of the day F's。Rather than the figure of Mr. T and try to get down to the link、F's and the figure of what last month's World Championships fourth place M player ...。The sperm match the World Championships fourth place and the Olympics fifth place to the other party。
Become the first end Stone of accumulated deployment、What is the shape of the two-point steel until late。However there is also a stone is five to House opponent。Also go to aim the last shot third point、Weights guard is broken not enough。Rainy day 5 runs in the supernatural shot Mr. of last shot F double-take without touching on their stone。Everyone in the world level skills stunned。It won the two points in the skip last draw in Neba' in Neba' the second end!
Once again the third end 5 runs。Releasing 10cm freeze and are easy peel、Easy issued deployment is alone sweep of the world's fourth largest also hidden 3/4 to guard。While experience the sweetness and the level of the world of our practice、Enjoy the best of the time。
Fourth end 2-point take likely place、Somehow one point。
Fifth end made the big end of the end once again three points。Finally commemorative photo with everyone。
It became a game memorable in all curling life。


1Day first of the results # 15 of 16 teams in the three races lost all。Three teams qualifying result of the match was 1 of 3 of 5 place。Crowned by just a game this powerhouse team、I just thank the combination (laughs)



In the night of the reception、Niigata Open When is from you? Query is flooded with。I am very grateful。The first day of the end。


Day 2
B tournament first match:Asama GC

Lead SK、セ カ ン ド YSD、Third-JNB(V)、Force KIK(S)。
16Men and women mixing the oldest team of 50 years old 60 years old in the team。
The first is also the end point Steel deployment、2Guard is no longer going to take a point eyes。If the opponent hits Stay 3 also runs、Steel one point and through。
Also promote the third end counterattack and take the second end point、It is barely Comer behind the guard opponent weights preeminent、Stone of our team deployment to be hit Stay in the preeminent draw take weight。Even surpass the third end is steel somehow one point in that weight is not grasp quite、Fourth end is compacted the guard three runs。Fifth tournament first round defeat at 2-5 return end 1 point。
Although good shot there were many、It accurately carved the weight became a game that does not grasp the initiative to veteran curling。image15

The second co-pilot:Mains

The final game also can not handle the opponent NO1、Was piled cannonball been solidified guard。
In two games both today、Force of our team does not have nearly throwing draw shot。image16


The result is five races lost all。That go up the accuracy yourself from practice as an individual is aware constantly whether to throw in any weight to what kind of shot、I learned the importance of that going to the game in the common understanding of the game plan through skip of one game as a team。


The occasion tournament participation、Thank you you very much indebted to everyone interested parties。For inexperienced Niigata curler、Play in such a tournament、That get by alternating current will be very valuable property。Also to be out in this tournament、We will work to curling while looking forward to the future。

It should be noted、In Niigata Open is scheduled to be held this year、We are currently preparing adjustment in。Decision soon because I will inform you on this site、While now, please wait。I hope to work with you in the future。