Association practice 2016.02.13

When I Japan Championship finals have been conducted in Aomori、People who love the curling in Niigata was carried out diligently practice。Confirmation of the line and wait、And the practice of various shots with a sweep、Although it may menu does not change before the remainder Konasu、Everyone now has a purpose、One of the menu、1Concentrated in the flood of delivery we are working in the dark practice of contents。

That should be it、We practice hard immediately beginner set of people just starting in the next。While hit the wall of the "look it is difficult to unexpectedly tight rather and try to actually Although it seems easy curling"、We climbed the wall To tacit。It is reliable, but、No need to better Ochiochi also senior。P2130565P2130561P2130560

I practiced with such feeling。P2130559P2130564P2130556


There is no less is better to enjoy the competition as a couple and family in curling。It is curling unique charm to enjoy together, regardless of gender or age。Of course, also in Niigata、Meoto curlers are a lot。

P2130567According to the Niigata couple the ①、Meoto sweep。Next time also will introduce parent and child sweep。