Association practice 2016.02.20

Today I tried to review the position of their release。The release the hand、It looks good person who was in front of the stone more than three minutes at a minimum from the hog line。Human release start position around、I'll tell the position at which you release the hand the person。Thus, if you look again、Everyone apart。People and releasing a great deal in front、People let go at the last minute、How to make the rotation was also a variety。Position to start the rotation、Determine the position of release、Accordingly tried to throw。It really there is a sense of discomfort。Furthermore, since the other is to neglect、The weight is not stable、We do not go out even line(sweat)。But I just change the release a little、The "difficult easy likely curling" was felt even here。

Delivery form people each。Junintoiro is。P2200556P2200561P2200560P2200555P2200564P2200563P2200562P2200571I do not bring slippers hanging recently。I like using only at home。

today、Told me always come to Niigata also those who had been practicing with only Kashiwazaki。From Kashiwazaki to Niigata、It is very because it takes more than an hour even with a high-speed。So、It does not have many usual participants from Kashiwazaki。Especially back in the late-night operation on tired after practice。It really lowers the head。Today, who participated also more rare in other、It was a fun practice thanks。P2200568P2200570P2200566

After the practice is put away in everyone。P2200572P2200573


TV program announcement

The SC Karuizawa club in Nagano, who is currently the men's national team,、NHK TV program "The soul of the athleteWill appear!

This program is a long-term close interview with an athlete、We will introduce a state in which working。Rely on the spot to a different competition of athletes every time、It will introduce an easy-to-understand even in minor competitions、You can watch and enjoy even in the absence of experience in the competition。Theme song is also nice(CD does not come out)。

in Japan、Speaking of curling image of "women" is strong、It seems not a few people who think that women's limited competition in the。Have watched this broadcast to many people even alone、I hope you Could interested。

226th(gold)Night 11:00~11:45 BS1 broadcast on。(Re-broadcast There is also planned)