Association practice 2016.03.05

Beginner set gave me to join a large number。Guidance boss is in constant attendance today。And everyone ambitious、We progress rapidly。It looks rude to call him left to beginner set。Today was doing the menu magic from the middle to the general practice。Reliable is as long as。Please participate more and more in the future。


You have to practice to not lose the general assembly。Since the participants were many gave a take practice larger amount。I did inspired by the beginner set、While struggling to ever-changing ice、We worked in all ambitious。

P3050560P3050562P3050561P3050554It was combined skirt uniforms。It's cute!

Because the league match has resumed from today、Sheet was about not enough。It is not yet familiar with the team、Although progress was slightly delayed slightly、Safely exit the opener。This time I tried the pattern of the test to match the video shooting (link below)。And the current fiscal year、Fukushima Prefecture Association's neighbor also Please join。Immediately is next week come Prefecture plans。We look forward to。Nice to meet you。


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