Association practice 2016.03.12

League second week was welcomed Fukushima Prefecture Association's。Your participation from outside the prefecture、thank you very much。Niigata Prefecture Association have all raised thanks。Since the Fukushima Association team has been organized the game in the early morning and Sunday Saturday night、1Was sure to come prefecture in the hard schedule that night two days。

[March 12(Soil)】

First match of the Fukushima Prefectural Association team、It was team Yoshida warfare that became a battle of women skip each other、From beginning to end overwhelmed gained one after another stone in the exact draw shot barrage without also showing fatigue of a long journey。The league first game was decorated in unceremoniously win by a wide margin。





We had to souvenir until further Fukushima specialties。Thanks for the meal! (this、This has many fans in Niigata。)P3120554

Of course I did the practice group well。P3120556



Examples teacher and student duo。P3120559








[March 13(Day)】

"Early morning curling" held for the first time by the Niigata Prefectural Association。Niigata League fourth stage is built by only Sunday morning in three games each month 1 week。While doing the you the eve of match-practice、Please join to get up early。There is also the fact that early in the morning、Ice Makeup help also each team。This also is indispensable to the progress of curling。I learned a lot。





Following Fukushima Prefecture Association team the day before the second game。Frozen Fighters opponent draw shot of this day of flavor。Probably because of the hard schedule、This game was the first defeat。Wonder no。Kataya frozen Fighters continues 2-game winning streak in the previous week。It is now the sole leader。

Also、This term participation is another team from outside the prefecture Association。It is the student's team of the University of Kent curling Studies。Ten while a few people practice once a month in、Gave me compete in the league。Outside the prefecture team same、Participation of non-prefecture Association is that I'm really happy。Thank you。It is to expand its own curling match of the day、New lagoon of the Association Member team was cornered up to one step away。It is never a team that can not be off guard。Let's both boost the Niigata curling in the future。

Another game prefecture association with each other、Shumoku club and familiar AMG49。AMG has changed to 49 from 48。Kana alone increase was for? Skip instead、I have lost is probably because this day is not accustomed yet。It was safe in doing but。We look forward to the future。





[Notice of TV broadcasting]

320th of the month(Day)Pattern of "World Women's Curling Championship" will be broadcast every day in from BS1。

It seems to broadcast all of the game of Japan representative。