Association practice 2016.05.28

This practice report is familiar N photographer。Us take the usual scenes in the pride of the camera。To say that the cameraman core business (?) Is a curler that belong to the team Kashiwazaki。While participating in their league match this day、Is a look at the interval gave me shooting。I am always grateful for your help。

The Kent team of opponent、But is again so the strongest teacher and student trio of junior sisters and Arena instructor entered the war、Really it results ...


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For practice the Board has two teams in the tournament expedition、The overall number of people is rather less。
30 minutes of the game until the start of practice meeting participants to use a second sheet
Was a carefully practice widely felt sheet than usual。

Carefully practice with the peace of mindIMGA6121-s

Sheet is felt widely。IMGA6126-s

Kent curling Science vs team Kashiwazaki warfare today
Kent curling science is the team of the young generation, which also added elementary and junior high school students sisters。IMGA6133-s

Arena of instructors to support the young "key-chan"。
Is the trump card that will decide in the best here。IMGA6137-s

Vice skip auditors also a really dignified。
It is a score by little but an increasing number of young Junior generation。
Is the practice of a mini-game in the training set was also a harmonious。IMGA6140-s

Also contains a spirited professor of team leader。
For the game while photography、Please forgive the not take everyone。IMGA6141-s

Or this time is taken or take a 1-point、Score of 2-2 in the deployment of there blank end。
It became the victory of Kent curling science who won the Skip draw。
It was also seen nice shot in the play of the elementary and junior high school students。IMGA6157-s

Team Kashiwazaki becomes as one defeats、No longer have the undefeated team。
It has become fun to be the future of the league。