Association practice 2016.10.01

2It is an association practice for the first time in week。We come to the three survivors today、Thank you。2Time、3It was also Irasshaimasu of time。In its tone、It is more and more want devoted to curling。Even so、You surprise is the speed of the people of growth that come to the recent experience。Although there will be because of age、Time that we started did not become to be able to so quickly delivery。Sense of difference'll we do? ...。


Perhaps because last week of practice was a day off、Perhaps because the competition is close、This day is somewhat also somewhat participants generous。I worked on curling in their own way in the practice sheet and game sheet。

Basic of delivery practice in the practice sheet。In the Niigata curler and outside the prefecture curlers、There is a clear difference in the draw shot of accuracy。Today we practiced a draw shot with an emphasis on weight control to the main。In the foot a little slippery ice、Tidbit also fall's。Let's play so that there is no injury earlier tournament。Individual competition of the free participation in the game sheet。It was a funny game to stay in the points。







League 5th October of the schedule has been decided。

8Day team Kashiwazaki × AMG

22Day New lagoon × Stones Club

29Day White Crystal × Shumoku Club