Association practice 2016.11.12

Japan representative and give to those who served as a lecturer in Niigata、It won the PACC。congratulations! You should come to spend the valuable time next week。Rarely(Not again?)Because it is an opportunity、Let absorb what you listen to those things to watch to participate like a sponge。

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But always I think looking at the ice shaved ice Makeup、Naa would be great if this by making a shaved ice。pb120560




It seems to be the Watayuki fluffy。pb120557



Order was less participants today、Throw became the main practice。We Niigata curler because there is less still experience、«Throw» → «see the weight» → practice such as «be adjusted in the sweep» is very important。Today we were able to do this work very hard and。pb120586



Adjustment in the sweeppb120589



Rolled throwpb120580



Since much it might get tired and do the same thing、Along the way is your play time。Draw game of Ya individual competition、I made a tap-back games with the team divided。Against a stone from that of the tap back is put、It says that to push the stone to the back。Or push his guard into the house、Also it uses, such as when to push your opponent's stone in the House to the T back。Push into the House against the guard、Moreover run back and say you that you take out your opponent's stone in the house at the stone。

Side-by-side guard in front of the house、I competed the scoring by tapping back their stone。As well as freeze、Because it does not succeed with the line and the weight does not match、It is quite difficult shot。However、Even though there is no stone in the House for the Niigata curler that would put only a lot of guard、This technology is a shot that will become necessary in the second half of the end。




so、When also throw finishedpb120577


this、Cairo's Yes。pb120568

In benzine 25cc、Toka can be kept warm for up to 24 hours。It is a secret weapon of the cold-blooded person's。pb120570

● Information

12Month Association practice of the last two weeks it has become irregular schedule。Thank you so as not to make a mistake。

On December 23, the first four weeks(gold)Afternoon from 8:00

On December 30, the first five weeks(gold)Afternoon from 8:00