Association practice 2017.01.28

Japan Championship will start from Monday finally。Since the venue is Karuizawa I really where you want to watch in the field、Quiet is the TV watching this year。Thankfully、NHKでたくさん中継してくれます。Tournament of attention took a representative of the Pyeongchang Olympics this year。It is going to be a week of sleep deprivation for the curler。

It was eliminated in the Central Championship Niigata Prefecture Association、Also a new season start early from today。Also Yuki built a new one-year。On this day, including the championship participation set、Under .. sellout crowd many are participating。The main arena of the next door there is no user、Call was also heard well。


This day is also held league。Opposing team this 2 team。By the way, team plate does not have healed、12Team name revised in month、「AMG50」になりました。Everyone、Best regards thereafter。

soon、Or that you can not Toka can women's team of the second。

Last lock of this game、RedのAMGの超難しいランバックが決まって逆転勝ちした瞬間。captain、It has amazing jumping。

Co-pilot end。

After the practice it will help me to clean up。

Some people put away also ends up in practice。



新潟県カーリング協会では新入生を募集しております。If inexperienced、Big welcome!Also a big warm welcome that has not been the sport!!If you wondering if、Please try to come so nice just watch。Do not you spear from the new season together。We look forward to。