Association practice 2017.02.04

In the arena of home ground、Was please to exhibit the trophy I received in the last month of the Central Championship。Thank you。The following is I will do my best to get to the exhibition even bigger one。


Finally climax also Japan Championship。It has been waging a hot battle。By the same team of the Central district it has not been active in both men and women、As long as I'm happy。It becomes involuntarily hotter TV watching。And only watching can not be satisfied、Sex of falling back to want to do is curler。Although the number of people what was slightly fewer this week、Is the practice of gathering wanted to do such a curling。

Also there was a league game this week。Card is the same this card as last week。To AMG showed me a large reversal play or NICONICO is revenge。

Not Unfortunately Revenge、AMG is winning streak。But everyone of NICONICO also seemed to enjoy the game、Finally this smile。


2014 2 3 years Innovation round and can Niigata Ice Arena in May。Activities also rush to the 4 seasons in this month of in Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture Curling Association。Many of the curler of belonging also became promoted to safely 4th grade。Competition population has been increasing little by little、Underclassman who are also growing at a pace to surpass the upperclassman。Gradually upward also the results of the tournament、Last season, including the championship third place、It is now possible to win some in open competition。Also、Some people who do not participate in the tournament、I enjoy curling in their own way of way。now、Us to enjoy the curling is thus in Niigata、20From launch before year or more、Kashiwazaki of you owe to me have now to support the Niigata Prefecture Association。Do not forget to thank the future、I would like to boost the curling of Niigata Prefecture。