Association practice 2017.02.11


The end is Japan Championship、Boys SC Karuizawa Club、Women won the Chubu Electric Power Co.。congratulations。And the fourth place team Ogihara、The same team of the Central District is a big success、I was very excited one week。Towards Pyeongchang Olympics got off to a 1 year to be held、Please do your best。I will continue to support you!


The Niigata Prefectural Association has already entered the new season,、Immediately was Welcome parent-child experience bidder。It seems to have quickly get the hang I watched。What was me having fun。Please come by all means also to play。

Dad had been gently assist the son。


League "New Lagoon × ICE CUBE"。Both teams seem to draw likes。

U21 Karuizawa Junior Challenge CupIt was a match with the participation of juniors who participated in。

Assembly、Good luck ~

Young skips are also growing rapidly。

Futari sweeping part。After this association exercise、Extracurricular activities it is so。


KMY's from this day of Kanagawa Prefecture powerhouse team was please to participate in practice。I was asked to be allowed to play in the last year of the Niigata Open。We admire the truly form。Also became Gachapin。We had also a variety of advice at strategic points。I'm happy Nante get to come to play something like this feel free to。Also please come at any time。

According to the place to hear、Toka KMY's has us rooting for women's team ICE CUBE of our Association。so、We were allowed to take a commemorative photo with the team。

hurry, hurry



The position is finally decided。

A click。(Click to enlarge)


Another one。