Association practice 2017.02.18

Following last week、Also parent and child experience this week three people your visit。Thank you! Also joined bamboo dumpling pair of freshly inaugurated、3We were allowed to leadership in the name。What was me having fun。Since curling is a sport where you can enjoy young and old alike、Any sounds good when you're Nante parent-child confrontation。We look forward to next time。


Other participants、3Is the practice of using eyes fill the seat。Ice bent may be today。At any time in such a great environment it is grateful that enjoy curling。

Unlike curling is a thriving community、Relatively poor in Niigata on the know-how、Each is devised、I practice by trial and error。

Shoes vintage also continue to use the important。


League this week。The first place or remember the rules of the game、League thing to get used to the flow was the purpose。It began just of is time nostalgic。

Always Looking At Camera、Thank you。


Winter sports season in full swing! Women's ice hockey representative of Japan has decided to prematurely Pyeongchang Olympics last week。Curling also tournament is carried out in the current around。





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新潟県カーリング協会では1年を通して練習生を募集しています。1OK alone of experience every time! Why do not you come along with your friends and family。Of course we alone like also welcome! Facility that can curling does not mean there is even the country where。Niigata is one of the few areas、Do not try。We look forward to while practicing with the weekly harmonious。

Guidance of experience