Association practice 2017.02.25

Approach is the WBC opener、Why not curler many of the which will be referred to as a "Mate Japan" Every time I see the character of the "Samurai Japan" in the media (especially the Central District to the west)。

... Such talk aside。

The practice of Niigata Prefecture Association、Are many also who come to practice every week from Chuetsu region。Honesty、I think that it is very。Although the morning, it seems that it was more hard this day was also snow、Also he told me to join you pat this week。It is hot people。But is the practice with such a proud fellow、A lot of people not in the time we gathered in the arena of the day。That should be it、Experience person to 12 people is your visit。It was to experience from the base of delivery apart on both sides of the sheet。

Curling will start from where the fall。You might was particularly today fell easy to ice。I also fell still well。It will be well in a fall in a fall。It so that it does not only hurt。

Your experience person、Cheers for good work was was。Thank you for coming。I'm glad I seen how you have to practice with a smile。Please by all means come again。Naa happy if more and more fellow also alone。


And who came last month today、Please come also quite familiar outside the prefecture curler MRM's also in Niigata。According to the place to hear、Thing with this day has already been curling for about four hours in Miyota。It had been further participated in the detention practice later in this association exercise。This person is also pretty hot。It is a model of the curler。Toka soon move to far away。It is lonely。Also please come if there is opportunity。Waiting at any time。


After and Association practice、Detention group practice in a stretch people has decreased sheet。Recently、It everyone is keen。great。