Association practice 2017.03.04

tomorrow、5Day(Day)It will be held in the Arena "5th BSN skating FestivalWhat preparation of "。The decoration of the big balloons on the ceiling of the curling sheet。On the day there are also annual curling experience。

The day's figure skatingTakahiko KozukaSan seems to have been visitors。Maybe we held a classroom in Niigata for skater。Beautiful skater、I wanted to see live。

Also what is the side of the link。Did it mean look at the figures of the tournament ones or something "Kisuandokurai" is!?

Maybe it seems no doubt in it。Or look at the scoring result sitting skaters and coaches after the performance、That place to waving a hand toward the camera。The results of the scoring、Because or flushed with vexation or each other to kiss、That's right with the name of Kiss and Cry。What did you commemorative photograph here in the classroom of the participants and Kozuka's today。In tomorrow's festivalFumie SuguriMr. YaHaruka ImaiMr. it is visitors。


Like the only I like that had to look away is、Other curlers you had also seriously practice today。

And、Today thankfully were also Welcome the guest's。Hokkaido is the student's。Usually is the case has been practicing in that "add Bix Tokoro Curling Hall"。What a sacred place。Each one of the movement has been refined to truly。White to sweeping white to delivery、You instinctively fascinated。Also he told me to come。I am waiting。I because it is always。


Now that you have a women's team of Futatsume in Niigata、Is the league of women-to-women today! Because Moi absentees、But it had also entered backer of Well glance and men。

Of course、Women's team of senior was a landslide victory。This Saturday and Sunday in the junior tournament in Karuizawa、Women's Junior of Niigata also participating。Do you are working hard。Hoping women's team also in Niigata。After this was also to practice detention in a team。And、We became skirt。


Even so, this balloon、You care if I was attached to the ceiling。Also in the giant of Niigata Prefecture Association、Indeed it has not received hand until there。

Well see if something like a fishing line has been run throughout。

1Together like Aru tied in a bundle with the place。

And this Super Bowl is likely miso that is attached to all of the balloons。Since But that so much likely to get angry when you Netabarashi in this much。I mean、I also do not know well。