Association practice 2017.03.18

In contrast to last week、This week is packed thanks。3Sheet became the practice in the crammed。Today's classroom experience is 3 persons。Toka I've had two to three round。So me to come in the future、Fellow is happy to increase。

Though only just started、It has become already a "clients"。The next time the game will also enjoy together。


League "Stones Club vs. AMG50"。It became antagonistic to the match。


Rounded up throw in a hurry because the practice of the other two sheet number of people there were many、Spent time in the shot practice of a team。

Photos of rehearsal is completed in this。I'm sorry。It seems the camera was broken。I wonder if the exhaustion because every week I was using under harsh conditions。Thank you for a long time。The next step is to buy a camera of cold district specification。



●女子世界選手権が開幕。326th(Day)午後3時55分からNHK BS1で決勝を放送

●男子世界選手権、4May 2(Day)よりNHK BS1で予選リーグから連日放送

●4月のリーグ戦の締切は25日(Soil)It is。Do not forget to apply for participants who wish to。