Association practice 2017.03.25

Pyeongchang Olympic curling women of Japan participation decision! congratulations! Representative playoff autumn。Personally, I support the Chubu Electric Power's the same for the Central District。Ganbare! Finally the men's World Championships and from this weekend。This appeal Week of men's curling。Everyone of the men's representative、Even here Toward Olympics young couples played Ganbare!

Last week is the camera auto-focus function broke down、It seems to have spontaneously recovered thanks to like。We understand your concern。so、Since this camera I decided to get to work anymore for a while luck、You Dozo Best regards。


2016 fiscal year last practice day。In one well as time to change and moving relationship recently、Irasshaimasu many people experience who。Also experience person you alone like you for coming this week! Thank you! That it also recently came to Niigata、That you can not only in Niigata! Please come in that。Is usually better for the first time's the 1 hour course、Because such as Could liked、The second half of practice together with other members、Finally I Could joined up。In addition, since such thing with us to come、I'm looking forward to it。


On the opposite side of the sheet had a basic practice of delivery。Although the Association of practice we always doing practice exercises in the main、Hey it is important repeated practice of basic that said this is the best in order to improve。

Excellence in education。

Looking at the countries top plus players of career、People who are doing from so much of age、You have quite。... If this child is also possibly


Ah、Healed was。


The league today、One of the few Niigata Junior was also who participated。


Healed was。

that? This hat、Stone type of a certain workshop hat?

In fact, I seem homemade。Hat was the stone motif、It is nice。I want。I want to align a team。



NHK BS1「Sports bar Kataritei"" Thoroughly curling men's Japan representative "

April 2(Day)11 pm:00~11:50