Association practice 2017.04.01

The new year has started。Heisei also thank the Niigata Prefecture Curling Association 29 fiscal year。


Is the keeper that has entered the safe to put the association practice participation fee。Or would have said Nante name。It is being recruited since forgotten。

Since even a camera of tone looks good today、Bashibashi took。


But is April Fool's Day、Everyone me to participate in a planned practice was relieved。And I Welcome guest from Chiba today。Toka practice was necessary because there is something tournament。I'm glad Could come to feel free。Even so、I'm regions often can not easily be want to practice。Thanks again to Niigata environment that can practice every week。

Since there is no league today、Respectively, each sheet has made a practice of their own way。

1Everyone is looking up guidance to coach the grade。

View role model eyes seriously。So it does not is not mean be seen at any time。




Men's World Championship has begun。(放送予定は↑の写真をクリック)

It is likely to continue day-to-day lack of sleep this week。Olympics young couples participated and、Good luck with the aim medal。

It has a little nickname I Japan national team of each competition of the Olympics、If the Olympics men's curling has been determined、Will you get the nickname。... such as girls have ever called me earlier "Crystal Japan"。