Association practice 2017.04.08

Japan boys decided to Pyeongchang Olympics! congratulations! Enjoyment of the Pyeongchang Olympics was also spread in this。

I do not know whether the impact、Association practice many people participated、The full house thanks。Thank you。I practiced in serious today。


Today, a guest from Nagano。Are you Futari that what a Japan representative experience。Prefecture Association members in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity、I had with the To practice very hard。Participants are all serious about itself。Probably because this is the height of today's attendance rate。

There is dazzling character of "JAPAN" in the back。


League women's confrontation of "ICE CUBE × quartet"。Is the last month of the rematch。Although it mixes also boys。

But I thought that it can last month of revenge、Not Chijimara the difference between the force so easily。But I was playing everyone happily。


Mixed Doubles became from Pyeongchang Olympics and the official event。After the usual Association practice end、In order to reduce the spread of mixed doubles in Niigata、Mixed Doubles seminar was held。Yasuo Mochida of Nagano Prefecture Association to the lecturer, which is also World Championship experience、Mitsuki Sato's pair was please served。Person who does not have people with experience、Person who does not have teamed up people who are in pairs、15 staff in total are interested took part。

Of course the mixed doubles of the rules in the first half of the workshop、We learned clearly from the basic。

Junior even endure the sleep is joined to the end。

While watching everyone the second half、Each pair was actually experience the game of one end。

Detailed explanation will enter in the middle of the game from time to time。

It was a short period of time、It became a place of very good learning for the participants。Everyone of lecturer、Thank you very much。Also it begins Niigata league Mixed Doubles from next month。It is not too late and the other Pyeongchang Olympics、目指せ北京五輪!



この子(↓)Protect number of safe。It took the difficult pose a closer look。thanks to you、Without any one application name is、It remains as ever of nameless。Because the poor "house-kun"(Kana)It was to be a。Dozo Best regards。