Association practice 2017.04.29

Fireworks had gone up in the Big Swan nearby sports park。When it was found shooting on the way to the Association of practice、Is to get to the arena has become slow。Moreover、It did not take a decent photo。


Enter the Golden Week、Participated in many。Also guest's from Chiba。Thank you。On the other familiar curler's、It is completely familiar。Or Chaimashou registered in Niigata Prefecture Association。

Everyone has been full of ambition。

League "New Lagoon × Shumoku Club"。Blue New Lagoon、Aim a double take。

The result will How was。

this person、It has changed form。

Recently、There are many people who purchased the shoes。Contact New shiny。Enviable。



Application of bamboo dumpling CUP is、4January 30(Day)From 10pm。It is first-come, first-served basis。Who wish to participate will not forget!