Association practice 2017.07.01

This day、Event of figure skating was held in the main link。Put on the yesteryear classic、Everyone of the various ages of the skater had been acting。


あまり良く撮れていませんが、It was a very colorful and fun events。This week is not excellent physical condition of the camera、Number even fewer。

Association members are also quietly practice this week next to the sub-link。Participation of about 20 people。Outside the prefecture guest was also Welcome one person。It can be a variety of information exchange、It was a meaningful time。Also for reading this in practice detention、Thank you very much。

League "ICE CUBE vs. Curly folk"。

Association members have received a photograph taken。New team "Curly folk"。


The following is the state of the last month Tuesday practice。Saturday because the number of people is rather less than the practice、Sweeping and delivery and each person we are free to practice。It is recommended for those who want a personal practice。


Tuesday tried to take the delivery form of exercise participants。It is important to sometimes see their own form objectively。Or it would match with their image。

Last season、From this person who was awarded the Niigata Prefecture best sweeper Award *。

* It is a fictional award。

Last season rookie award *。

Best Dressed Award *。

Best Actress *。

For the award of the season also everyone who unfortunately could not be won、We are working seriously。


次週7月8日(Soil)Association practice is on hiatus。It should be noted、The General Assembly will be held in the same day, Chuo-ku, Shinwa。