Association practice 2017.07.15

30℃オーバーの真夏日が続く新潟市、Association practice for the first time in two weeks was held in cool arena。Moment coming from the hot outdoors Arena is a good feeling。It is one of the moments that I think that it was good doing curling。(Although return is the opposite。)


今回は体験者の親子3名様にご来場いただきました。So who came far away from tainai、Thank you very much。Since the curling can enjoy regardless of gender or age、Thus Irasshaimasu many Family Fun。Please, by all means come again if you like。


Recently, often the scene of junior seek a lecture to senior。Your ambition is strong。



Curling workshop by the representative of Japan, which was held in November last year、Now to be held this year。Lecturer this time everyone of Japan representative SC Karuizawa Club Pyeongchang Olympics has been decided。And also please come Nagaoka dove beauty coach。7From month 15 days until August 13、新潟アサヒアレックスアイスアリーナまでお申し込みください