Association practice 2017.07.22

Kanto Koshin but was rainy season、here”More”In the not yet dawn。The sky is still curling is the best is such not go the day nor to the sea isnt。Also experience person one person visiting this day。It seemed able to receive and very fun、It was like the saying continues。(I did it!) Pyeongchang will Olympics attention to curling gather in for the winter、Niigata Prefecture Association is working to scale。

Branch length as outside the prefecture guest this day(?)It was also Welcome。It came to cool off from Nagano to Niigata(?)In Toka。Truly national one of the best gypsy curler。It adapts to adjust quickly to any ice。Its ability、In fact, I feel like the most important in curling。This time, asked to participate as a helper in the league、We are going out to practice detention、Thank you very much。


Fast take、nice to meet you。