Association practice 2017.07.29

7Also this week, which was the month the last of practice、Niigata not yet rainy season。Currently being assembled House of the sea。To that in the tray will out jellyfish to sea、Whether there will be the summer of Niigata of this year。

A new companion has been increased to Niigata Prefecture Curling Association。I-san who came in last week experience。That he will also continue to curling from now on! Although you live will take a little time because the area、Some of the association members will have a lot of people who are coming from more distant。Please come through luck。

In an incredible sense of balance、Now take the weight comes out in the curling history 2 hours。Is the rookie of the Niigata Prefecture expected。


Niigata Legend you came me with the training in the practice sheet。Since we usually have to practice on your own、This kind of opportunity is really grateful。Such as the draw and tap、Practice of various shot。Finely instruction will jump。

This is mainly practice of line。That you do not notice it is throwing alone、1Us with advice for each investment。


League team NIKONIKO pair Shumoku Club。Today's NIKO is the president himself kick-off。


New team aimed at next year's Central Championship "quite right house Niigata"。This day is the practice detention。So that it is not referred to as a "Surutto House"、Hone to draw shot。