Association practice 2017.08.05

Also the end in this rainy season trick you've pulled long unexpectedly。Finally was rainy season! And next week if I notice is Obon。What went out to enjoy the short summer not in the previous years、Practice participants in this day slightly fewer。But the minute amount of practice is to increase、It may also receive the possible precisely because the number is small。Feeling that somehow was obtained。While their efforts in each of the challenges、We repeated the various shot。


The league is formed shortly after "quite right house Niigata" revised "Now Spring"。This team、And or using the tactics agnostic Joseki、Will do various。Such as incorporating a unique form, such as the swimming dive in take、Going My Way fun team to challenge the drastic that。

5SD which was formed this year is also here against。Here also soon renamed plans。But I worked hard to borrow the chest of seniors、It seems not reach still。Expected in the future。

Photo by KRY (Thank you!)


Niigata Open Opening Guidelines have been announced。

We also look forward to join us from all over the country this year。

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