Association practice 2017.08.26

8Month last of the Association of practice。What effect of training sessions due to the previous week of SC Karuizawa Club、Full house, which came out。Sheet is overflowing with people。

Outside the prefecture guest's numerous mainly composed of this day is further certain powerhouse senior team。Because of the Kanto Central Senior Championship to be anything this year held in Niigata、Toka came to the preliminary inspection of the venue。Truly prestigious is different。What is a worldwide team with the World Championship experience standing。


Apart from the preliminary inspection of the venue、I had with the practice with everyone because I am much trouble coming。On top that was gotten up souvenir、すみません(笑)


かなり活気に満ちた協会練習でしたが、We firmly digestion also the league。Stones club versus team NIKONIKO。


Because who come to great pains strong team、2 hours of practice game in detention after the Association practice the end。Power and stamina that I do not think the senior。This is but I was people who have seen the world。Please come feel free to play also。And also thank you practice。m(__)m