Association practice 2017.09.30

Autumn climax、9Month last of practice participants and 22 people、Visitors with a back injury was the one person。

Of course 3 seat also on this day。In the C sheet were efforts to eternal issues of curler "improve the accuracy of line."。Place the thing which is a measure、You single-mindedly throw。1Although it might not be dramatically improved in the practice of the day、It is important to always be conscious of doing this。


on the other hand、Throw in the A sheet。Their own, such as weight feeling was efforts to their own challenges。


League B seat is also this week。Chimuniko and AMG24。Some people who can not participate in the usually hard to practice in Niigata、Sometimes you have got to enjoy the game by doing this。



Niigata's first official game is finally in October、「3rd Kanto Chubu Senior Curling Championships"It will be held。Everyone will be attending、Please come be careful。We look forward to。


It was set completion。It is soon turn。