Association practice 2017.10.07

10Month first of the Association of practice、Also participants this week is 20 people over。This day, there was our Niigata Prefecture Curling Association shooting of Niigata Asahi Alex Ice Arena of TV commercials that I am allowed to use as a home arena。Earlier in hockey、And the recording of such figures、Recording of the curling Association after practice。In the information of the stage of writing this article、From the start of things to become midnight。Association members also appeared as an extra left several people(?)。I am looking forward from now what will in any CM。Everyone who cooperation、Thank you very much。

Also visiting this week's experience。Parent and child are you Futari who came even before。It is after the previous recap、It has been practiced in conjunction with the other you。

Daughter is expected Junior。It was hard to not lose dad。


This week came also coach。Everyone、Than usual facial expression seriously? We were taught the delivery carefully。

Whether it this to us devoted to teacher role is always、Practice in preparation for the next week of the Championship。

Also practice this day to process the guard。Since the Niigata curler is not put out fast weight、Peel is weak。



League "Ganbare Albi VS AMG24"。Sweeping of Ganbare Albi。ホントにガンバレ!アルビ!

The first end、Blue of the rear attack AMG is barely NO.1。Last lock of blue now。It would happened to。


Hipatika of our Niigata Prefecture Association affiliation。Is the English name of the Yukiwariso that have been designated as the flower of Niigata Prefecture。This time、Team of T-shirts has been completed。Original design。

It stands out as a matching wear。

S.(D ゚ ゚)