Association practice 2017.10.28

10Month last of the practice is the annual Halloween Week。Acchi also here is also Halloween。Also the figure of participants with a nice cosplay。I think in quite difficult in other competitions。I This is also one of the curling of charm。

Also display items that can be used free of charge in the arena。Try immediately。


Two guests from outside the prefecture to be this week thankfully。We were good together and can be fun practice。Unfortunately it seems not participate in Niigata Open the following week, but、Please come by all means also to play。


Practice of combat format from throwing in the first sheet。


In the third sheet、It is the practice of a long time to use the secret weapon of the example。Let's only the shaking chain of middle。


League Hipatika pair smiling。Curling also costumes Gachinko game。


The midst of preparation of Niigata Open, which was just around the next week On the other hand in the bench。I will be attending from outside the prefecture、We look forward to。