Association practice 2017.11.11

Niigata Open Thanks to like also ended in safely。participant、Everyone of management、Thank you again。Saturday night is also a normal association practice from this week。Many every one of Niigata Prefecture Association also the person who tired What with management Yara game、Fewer of the 14 people also participants this week。But experience person of the young woman you Futari and men I alone have came。It was a short period of time、I'm glad seemed Could enjoying for the first time of curling。He won the World Championship berth with top finishers in the men and women Japan representative is just the other day of the Pacific Asia Championships、Curling that would attention is increased even in the Olympics。If you leave in advance experience、I think that funny more also watch。Please come Once you also to play like it。

Flow of mini-games from the practice of delivery with a focus on take a practice sheet on this day。Between ourselves、Niigata is where I want to firmly practice of the now so take not good。Another stage、I will do my best as to be raised accuracy。

League Hipatika and Stones club。Although the Niigata Open the previous week was not good enough of a result both teams、Shortly Niigata Prefecture Association directed to the practice towards the beginning of the year immediately of Central Championship。1To be shown the growth of year、We will raise from here。

Not take a photo this week。I'm sorry。(><)