Association practice 2017.11.18

Niigata weather downhill this weekend。Unfortunately the condition that the rain and strong winds the night of this day。The next day is the snow forecast。It was rather less following the last week participants Perhaps because of、Practice in the 16 members, including outside the prefecture guest 1 person、It was plus visitors several people。

Practice of hands-on shots in practice sheet。It invested a variety of shots depending on the house of the situation、Each staring at the status quo、Make sure the challenges。But sheet features of the link sheet of the day(?)Because the had come out heavily、Rounded up early also practice、I enjoyed the game from midfield。even if you say so、You can play along with the members who do not usually organized、Will also be in the study want to experience the unusual position。


League Hipatika and Shumoku Club。Both because after two months declined the Championship、It will contain both teams fired up。