Association practice 2017.12.09

Finally forthcoming in two months after the Olympic Games。Look forward to the attention of curling rises again、It contains the heat also to the association practice。But I just want to say、Something busy Shiwasu。Practice number of participants also tend to decrease。But still I made a practice by using a second sheet。

And that the other day I'm happy chair curling experience person is、Also it came to play in the Association of practice。Practice of delivery with everyone。After that I had to immediately participate in mini-games。Finally chair curler was born in Niigata。We expect that the increase more now。


In the second sheet clash is Hipatika and Now Spring。Next month of the Championship're also anticipation as both teams。By extending the practice time、Production is just like the sporting events。

Year-end drinking party curling tournamentの申し込み受付中です