Association practice 2018.02.24

Curling Japan women's team has won the first bronze medal in Pyeongchang Olympics! congratulations! Game time medal was decided in the Association practice of one month the first time in Niigata Prefecture Association、3Although the moment of position determination was not able to watch live、There is also up also attention of curling activities of Japan representative at the Olympics。This day is more than 10 people of experience who have been visitors。There is also coverage from each media、Curling has been gradually recognized。from now on、We hope that, with a growing Niigata competition population。

Curling adults from children、You can also enjoy together wheelchair。Several companies also television interview this day。I realize that the attention is increasing。

Is it surprisingly difficult to slide a balance。


Experience person Wanted!

Anytime experience recruiting in the Niigata Prefecture Association。Every Saturday in Niigata Asahi Alex Ice Arena、We practice a harmonious with everyone from beginners to veterans。The curling which is limited where you can in the whole country、Let's enjoy together in Niigata。

Those who experience hopeThis formFrom。

Also accepted by e-mail。(

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