Association practice 2018.03.03

2018 March 3,、Annual BSN festival has been held every year in Niigata Asahi Alex Ice Arena。This year, there is also the fact that Arena open 4 anniversary events、It was very climax。The curling experience that took place as part of the event、There is also Olympic effect、I was coming to a lot of people。


And the night Association practice。Following the previous week、Thank you for coming to a lot of experience person。Was excitement there is also a media interview, etc.。It was good to Could say that was fun from the experience person。I hope the competition population increases。


Form to throw the Stone、Thing quite difficult and I actually to do。Since the first can not glide well、It slips to support the two of stone。

The Niigata Prefecture Curling Association have many people who started from four years ago Sochi Olympics。Is a position to convey the joy of curling now。

When the slide Innovation hungry -、So I have good feelings。

Curling can also be enjoyed by people in wheelchairs。

We are looking for an experienced person at any time in the Niigata Prefecture Curling Association。Please feel free to contact us if you are interested。→Guidance of experience