Association practice 2018.03.17


Daily Association practice crowded with a lot of experience person。I am always grateful for your help。This experience person in 19 people、A total of 40 people。The half second time、3In people times eyes of repeaters、To continue and hope that many people。But as long as downright happy。


First experience person、Always throw of the street(catapult?)Leave throw over how basic → rotation of → sweeping (scrub) → number of counted how → from hack to House、Experience pack, such as。

People experience second and subsequent review of up to the previous。Throw from hack to House、It was the last to experience person only practice game format by。

In each successive number of times、Also becoming more and more beautiful form。



協会員も練習。Game format the practice of delivery from a little。

Junior also participate to compete in the tournament next week is carried out in Karuizawa。Since this tournament is the Karuizawa Ice Park debut、It seemed to be a little nervous。頑張って!

しばらくお休みしていた受験生たちも無事に進路が決まり、Participation practice for the first time in a year。
It may fall in a long time too(Lol)Had said Nante。

Because now there are more survivors、In this way we practice it is divided into each level。



新潟県協会のジュニア選手が TeNYテレビ新潟 さんに取材していただきました