Association practice 2018.03.24

Also many people came to experience this time。Thank you!

17First person experience(First seven)。
I have been familiar also in this scene。
Many people repeaters、Few people even those who are continuing more than four times during the。
Or Chaimashou certification no longer arbitrarily Association Member。


The first sheet is training intended for the person who this day is the first experience。
After the introduction lessons, such as usual brush delivery、
The second half was able to practice throw while thinking the game developed from the fog line。


Practice in the third sheet that target towards the second time or more experience。
Review of delivery。turn、release、Confirmation of the line、Sweeping, etc.。

3,4The leaders also becomes times th participation of、Enthusiastic state is felt in both the experience person。

The second half of the draw practice in full sheet。
The last was carried out to take the game、It was very climax。
You already can take at this stage、It's amazing。

About one month and experience from the post-Olympic is continued。
Experience person will gradually feel like has been accustomed to the ice。
4Scheduled to be held even novice tournament at the end of the month。
Because it is an event for people who have less than 10 experiences
I really want many people to participate。
For details →Information for Beginners CUP


Association members practice on the second sheet。
Mini-game after the out line。
This day is struggling in the seat of a little habit is stronger。
Not determined is quite Comer。
It will soon also be able to game together towards the survivors。
I'm very excited。

Welcome Many also those who are visited to stop the foot around the link。
I heard the story、Thing and want to do if there is opportunity。
Anytime you experience Welcome yo ~。


● held in the junior tournament in Karuizawa。
2 people from Niigata are participating。Hoping。
  → U21 Karuizawa Junior Challenge Cup

● Association practice from April(Saturday)It becomes a time change。
The first portion 118:00~20:00
Part 220:30~22:30